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Car Diffuser

Car Diffuser

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8ML. They are toxin free- phthalates, paraben free and California prop 65 compliant. They are essential oil Based and blended with certified clean fragrance. 

READ: wipe up any spills right away and only use as suggested - hung by the rear view mirror.

How to use:

  1. remove wooden lid and remove the stopper.
  2. Replace the wooden but not too tight 
  3. tip bottle upside down for a few seconds so oils soak into lid and ropes


Sea Salt & Orchid: Sea salt, tonka bean, fresh florals

Coconut & Rose: coconut milk, roses

Guava & Strawberry/island guava: guava, strawberry, passion fruit 

Love Spell: Cherry Blossom, grape fruit, hydrangea 

Mango & Coconut Milk: mango, coconut milk, sugar 

Desert Blooms: agave, patchouli, aloe, florals 

High Tide: salt water, ozone, jasmine 

Golden Hour: santal, ginger, sandalwood 

Nectar: stone fruit, blooming Jasmine, vanilla, patchouli 

Pineapple Mojito: pineapple, sage, mint 

Gather: apple cider, falling leaves, crisp air

Honey Spiced Pear: Anjou pears, acacia honey, cinnamon , lemon zest 

Autumn Fig: ripe figs, brown sugar, maple , vanilla 

Blueberry Cheesecake: Blueberries, graham cracker, cream

Pistachio + Cream: amaretto, coconut milk, caramel, vanilla 

Strawberries + Cream: strawberries, cream, sugar 

Suit + Tie: Sandalwood, Ozone, Dark Musk

Butterscotch + Bourbon: Butterscotch, Bourbon, Cardamom 

Sugar Cookie: Nutmeg, amaretto, sugar 

Cowboy Kisses: amber, plum, musk 

Iced Vanilla: Vanilla, Oak, Whiskey

Beach Nights: sea salt, peony, light musk, marine

Pink Sugar: berries, vanilla, sugar

Happy Birthday: buttercream, sugar, vanilla 

Luxe Linen: White tea, linen, sandalwood 

Bahama Mama: pineapple, mango, coconut 

Georgia Peach: peach, papaya, mango 

Pink Sands: coconut, floral, citrus 

90’s Breakfast: (Fruit Loops) lemon, cereal, orange

Midnight Ice: (Black Ice) woods, citrus, moss 

Watermelon Mojito: Honeydew, Watermelon, Sugar 


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