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Cali Mango SPF Lip Balm 3 PACK

Cali Mango SPF Lip Balm 3 PACK

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Your new favorite lip balm in a 3 pack! One for the purse, beach bag, and car! Get soft, smooth, totally kissable lips with this hydrating formula that refreshes while protecting from the sun with added SPF15 


There’s nothing better than a beach day — but all that sun and surf can take a serious toll on your lips. This powerful naturally-derived formula refreshes lips, reducing fine lines and ensuring you’re always ready for a close-up.


Apply to lips to restore moisture and relieve dryness.


Nourishing mango extract infuses lips with instant moisture, reversing signs of sun damage and relieving dryness on contact. Added sunflower oil regenerates and conditions lips, with Vitamin E to improve texture over time

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